About Ricky Lee

Chances are you’ve never heard of Altoona Pennsylvania, nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. The Pennsylvania Railroad founded Altoona in 1849 as the location for its locomotive and car repair shops when it was building its line between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh. A town that has an unbreakable sense of community prides itself on being blue color and red blooded. Altoona is home to the famous National Historic Landmark, the Horseshoe Curve, as well as the Railroaders Memorial Museum, Reconstructed Lead Mining Revolutionary War Fort; Fort Roberdeau, an 1849 Greek Revival Mansion, and it’s most treasured gem; Nashville Recording Artist Ricky Lee! Ricky Lee has embraced the deep-seeded patriotism, inspiring him to pen his own brand of country music that celebrates the American Dream. It is with this same sense of pride, that we are excited to introduce to you today “Looking For America”, a self directed video in which Ricky Lee has captured all he stands for and brings to life through his music! “Looking For America” is Ricky’s celebration of all things past and present that he loves so dearly about the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!” Ricky traverses the Pennsylvania countryside, his towering presence an imposing figure at every stop, as footage of all things America scroll across the screen, you become a part of the video and can actually feel yourself at the Friday night football game under the lights, in the crowd cheering as the Hometown Parade goes past, Honoring our Veterans, and Active Soldiers, and paying tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. All of these things serve as a reminder of the words of President Ronald Reagan, as the journey begins; “We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow, And let there be no misunderstanding, we’re going to begin to act, beginning today”Ricky Lee began singing and performing at a young age; an admirer of Elvis Presley he would dress and sing his songs. His mother remembers getting calls from the school telling that he would take over a classroom by jumping up on the desks, performing a show for his fellow students. It is no surprise that he is best described as a high-energy entertainer, whether he performs solo, or with his backing band The Mustangs he delivers a stage presence that draws the audience into his performance by touching their hearts and making them an integral part of his show. Ricky is a true artist with a god given talent for songwriting. He is inspired by everyday people, veterans, and military; embracing their trials and tribulations with heartfelt empathy, transcribing them into musical masterpieces, such as “Walk-On”. “She’s an American Soldier”, “Cardboard Hero”, “Made In America”, “ Bleed Red” just to name a few. Ricky has entertained and embraced our Soldiers and Veterans at Fort Carson, CO, Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX, Walter Reed Army Hospital, White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico and in Washington, DC the WWII Memorial. He founded a program entitled “Music 4-RVets”, where he travels to VA hospitals across the northeastern states performing for veterans with PTSD disorder, and other injuries. He uses the power of music to comfort and give purpose to those that are suffering the ill effects of war. Ricky Lee is sponsored by “The Made In America Stores” in Elma New York. Ricky heard about the store over 6yrs. Ago, and had written a song entitled “Made in America” He drove to Elma to introduce himself and his song to Owner, Founder Mark Andol. The two found that they shared the same passion for our country, and all it stands for, blossoming into a lasting friendship and business partnership. Mark helped Ricky produce his CD’s, which are 100%, Made in America, available at the stores. This year also came the release of Ricky Lee’s “America’s Best Chili” a recipe that he has been working on perfecting for years.